If you use Narcan/Naloxone you received from us please complete the survey below. You can also reach out for more using that survey or request a call from us! 

You are loved. 

To make a donation of Narcan, CPR face masks, hygiene products or gloves please use the contacts on this page. 

If you have used our Naloxone please complete this anonymous survey!!

It is really important and helpful to us to be able to track overdoses that may have been unreported through traditional means - these stories are important and need to be told! 

Please send overdose information

Please provide basic OD information such as substance used, persons age, gender, area of town - whatever you're comfortable sharing. This allows us to help more people and get more access to life saving items. If you would like contacted back please add contact info in your message, not required. 

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Follow these directions while you are waiting for EMS or one of us to get there. 

If the first person you call does not answer the phone, call the next person. 

Please share this site with others. 

Rescue Breathing

Perform mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing by tilting head back and lifting up chin until mouth opens, clearing airway. Give two quick breaths to start and then a strong breath every 5 seconds.

Kansas is a standing order state.

Anyone can go to any pharmacy and purchase Naloxone (Narcan). You do not need a doctor's order or prescription to do so. Try the following link for a coupon to use at the pharmacy for Narcan.

Other Resources:

National Suicide Prevention
1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Text TALK to 741741